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Wood Effect MDF Pegboard with Magnetic Chalkboard - 75 x 55 cm

Wood Effect MDF Pegboard with Magnetic Chalkboard - 75 x 55 cm



Offer an innovative organising solution with our Wood Effect MDF Pegboard, complete with an integrated magnetic chalkboard. This versatile product is perfect for creating a customized, wall-mounted organizing space in homes or offices. The pegboard combines a wood effect with the practicality of a pegboard, with integrated chalkboard, allowing users to jot down notes and hang various items easily. Ideal for enhancing space utilisation and organisation, this pegboard is an excellent addition to any retail line-up.

  • High quality, wood effect coated 5mm thick MDF board with radiused corners, and integrated magnetic chalkboard
  • Starter set of 6 plated steel hooks included with each board
  • Measures: 75 x 55 cm
  • Wall mounting kit included
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