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43 Piece Pegboard Accessory Pack

43 Piece Pegboard Accessory Pack



This accessory pack contains 43 plated steel fittings that are perfect for use with our pegboards. The set includes a variety of useful fittings that make it easy to organize and customise pegboard set ups. With this accessory pack, a truly unique and efficient storage system can be created - perfect for workshops, garages and so much more.

  • Accessory pack with 43 useful plated steel fittings
  • Includes - 1 x ring rail (23cm), 1 x hook rail (23cm), 3 x ring hook (1.8cm), 1 x twin arm hook (10cm), 3 x loop hook (2.2cm), 4 x straight hook (10cm), 4 x straight hook (5cm), 5 x straight hook (3.5cm), 5 x straight hook (3cm), 6 x curved hook (1.6cm), 6 x V shaped hook (8cm), 4 x parts bin (8 x 7.5 x 4.5cm), 22 x hook retainers for extra security
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