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Charcoal Frame Magnetic Weekly Planner Chalk Board - 28 x 43cm

Charcoal Frame Magnetic Weekly Planner Chalk Board - 28 x 43cm



Our charcoal frame magnetic weekly planner chalk board is an ideal tool for anyone looking to plan their week efficiently, making it a perfect organisational tool anywhere in the home. Finished with a stylish charcoal MDF frame, it offers a contemporary look that fits seamlessly into any modern décor.

  • Premium Magnetic Chalkboard Surface: Designed for easy writing and wiping, this surface is perfect for updating weekly agendas swiftly.
  • Modern Charcoal MDF Frame: Adds a sophisticated touch to any setting, complementing various interior designs.
  • Weekly Planner Format: Helps organize days of the week in a clear, visual layout, facilitating better time management and goal setting.
  • Complete Accessory Kit: Includes 2 chalk pencils for immediate use, 1 magnet for posting additional reminders, and mounting hardware for hassle-free installation.
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