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Electronic Digital Safe - 35x25x25cm

Electronic Digital Safe - 35x25x25cm



The electronic digital safe is the perfect way to keep valuables safe and secure. With a digital lock with time delay function, belongings are kept safe and sound. The separate emergency key-lock override provides an extra level of security in case of an emergency. The lock batteries and spare keys are included. The strong mechanism - 2 locking bolts, 5mm door, 2.5mm body - is sure to keep belongings safe and sound. The interior carpet protects valuables from scratches and scuffs. The safe can be fixed to a surface - fixing kit provided - for added security. The manufacturers rating for cash and jewellery is sure to give peace of mind.

  • Cathedral Namesafe - Lock with memorable three to eight digit letters or numbers - or a combination of both - for the utmost protection
  • Digital lock with emergency key override
  • Lock batteries and spare keys included
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Strong mechanism - 2 locking bolts
  • Interior carpet and removable shelf
  • Can be fixed to a surface - fixing kit provided
  • Manufacturers rating for cash and jewellery
  • Internal Measurements: H 24.6 x W 34.6 x D 19 cm
  • External Measurements: H 25 x W 35 x D 25 cm
  • Weight:9kg
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