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Dual Tip Art Marker Pens

Dual Tip Art Marker Pens




Enhance your craft and stationery offerings with our dual tip art markers, perfect for customers seeking versatile tools for everyday creative projects. Each marker in this set features a dual-tip design, with a chisel tip on one end for broad strokes and a fine tip on the other for detailed work. These oil-based markers deliver solid, bold colour that makes your creations pop.

  • Versatile Dual Tips: Enjoy the flexibility of a chisel tip for broad coverage and a fine tip for precise lines, all in one marker.
  • Bold, Oil-Based Ink: Produce vibrant and eye-catching colours that make your artwork pop.
  • Multiple Pack Sizes: Choose from packs of 24, 36, or 48 markers to best suit your needs.
  • Portable Storage Case: Each set comes in a practical transparent carry case with a handle, making these sets of pens easy to transport.
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