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A4 Double Sided Self Healing Cutting Mat

A4 Double Sided Self Healing Cutting Mat




Introducing our versatile A4 Double Sided Self Healing Cutting Mat, an essential tool for crafters, artists, and professionals alike. Available in grey or pink, this cutting mat is designed to accommodate a wide range of projects with its dual-sided functionality. One side features a grid and angle guides measured in centimetres, perfect for precise cuts and measurements in metric, while the reverse boasts a grid in inches with angle markings, ideal for those who prefer working in imperial units.

  • Double-Sided Versatility: Offers both metric and imperial measurements, each on one side, to suit various project needs and preferences.
  • Self-Healing Material: Crafted from a 3-layer, 3mm thick construction that automatically repairs cuts, helping to prolong the mat’s life and maintain a smooth cutting surface.
  • Durable and Reliable: Designed to withstand repeated use, this mat ensures a consistent and reliable cutting area for all types of crafting materials.
  • Protective Work Surface: Protects your tables and surfaces from sharp blades, while providing a firm base for cutting paper, fabric, and other materials.
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