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A4 Dial-A-Blade Creative Trimmer

A4 Dial-A-Blade Creative Trimmer



The A4 dial-a-blade creative trimmer is the perfect tool for a variety of creative projects. With a cutting head dial that allows the selection from four different applications - straight cut, perforation, wavy cut and card creasing - this trimmer is perfect for a variety of tasks. It also features a rotating dial to select individual cutting blades, a calibrated 300mm cutting table and anti-slip rubber feet for added stability.

  • Cutting head dial - Select from 4 applications! Straight cut, Perforation, Wavy cut and Card Creasing
  • Cuts up to 5 sheets 80gsm paper.
  • Rotating dial to select individual cutting blades
  • Calibrated 300mm cutting table
  • Anti slip rubber feet
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