DSBA4 Fire & Waterproof Chest

DSBA4 Manual

The manual for our DSBA4 Fire and Waterproof deed box can be downloaded here.

This details the process for opening and closing compression latches, locking and unlocking the box and storing the box, as well as fire and water exposure specifications.

Please note, that Cathedral Products Fire & Waterproof boxes should be regularly aired for at least 30 minutes. As these have a seal to maintain water tightness, moisture may build up inside. We also suggest the use of silica gel packages inside the box, to prevent moisure build up.


Purchasing Replacement Keys

If you're looking to purchase replacement keys for your DSBA4 Fire & Waterproof deed box, you will need to locate the key number. The image below shows the location of your key number, circled in yellow. 


Once you have located the number stamped into the barrel of the lock, please make a note of this, this should begin with an 8 end with an R. This is your key number.

Replacement keys can be ordered here.

You will need to select your key number from the dropdown box marked "Key Number" before adding to your cart.

Please Note: These keys are for use with the newer black coloured Fire and Waterproof chest and deed boxes with silver clasps. We are unable to source keys for the older grey models, or black models without the silver clasps


If you are having trouble removing the key from your DSBA4 Fire and Waterproof deed box, please refer to the troubleshooting video below.