Cathedral Products at the 2021 London Stationery Show

Cathedral Products at the 2021 London Stationery Show

After two years of disruptions and hardships the stationery world begins to move forward again, signalled by the return of the London Stationery Show for 2021.

Every year the London Stationery Show is a fantastic opportunity for brands like us to showcase and network with other manufacturers, designers, and stationery lovers. So we were delighted to be back!

The wonderful thing about the London Stationery Show is that people get the chance to see the most up-to-date and innovative ideas in the industry. After having an unfortunate break last year, companies had even more incredible new products up their sleeve (including us!)

As always, we worked hard to make our stall reflect who we are as a company; classic, British and trustworthy. 

Not only were we able to show off our products ourselves, but we were also lucky enough to be featured on the Trending stands, curated and designed by Sally Angharad. 


But, of course, the crowning jewel in the Cathedral stand was our display of our Made in Britain certified File Boxes and our brand new Made in Britain certified Tool boxes. We are immensely proud of our new products!

So after an insightful and exciting couple of days, it is all smiles here at Cathedral Products! 


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