EA15 Safe

EA15 Manual

The manual for our EA15 safes can be downloaded here.

This details the process for using the override key to unlock your safe, activating the digital lock, and setting your own digital code.


Purchasing Replacement Keys

If you're looking to purchase replacement keys for your EA15 safe, you will need to locate the key number. The short video below shows the location of your key number. 

Once you have made a note of the number stamped into the barrel of the lock, please make a note of the last 2 digits of the number. This is your key number.

Replacement keys can be ordered here.

You will need to select your key number from the dropdown box marked "Key Number" before adding to your cart.

Please Note: We are only able to source replacement keys for the digital safes that are black, these keys will not work with the older, light grey coloured safes, or older black safes with a green keypad.


For a short walkthrough on how to use your EA15 safe, please refer to the video below.